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Pismeno prevodenje-eng

Written translation covers a wide range of different text types, ranging from literary works, newspaper articles, guidelines, computer programs (software localization), tourist brochures, advertising texts, film subtitles, legal documents to medical, technical, scientific, and other types of texts.

Some texts that may seem simple can cause serious difficulties to the translators, and vice versa, there are texts, which may seem complicated at first glance but are rather easy to translate.

Different types of texts demand various approaches and translation strategies, as well as different degrees of precision and creativity.

A text can often be compared to a non-transparent surface. It is translator's duty to discover what is hidden to a casual observer and to look below that surface in order to find out the true meaning of the message. However, all translations have one thing in common; they must comply with the reqirement of fulfilling the given aim or purpose (gr. skopos, lat. finis).