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Price List

Written translations are charged on a card unit basis. One card unit includes 1 500 characters with spaces. The price of a single card unit may vary depending on different factors:

- whether a translator is working from or into his/her mother tongue
- whether it is a general or a specialized text
- whether it is a certified or non certified translation
- whether it includes subsequent proofreading

Translations certified by court interpreters usually cost 30% more than non-certified translations.

Oral translations such as simultaneous and consecutive interpretation are charged according to the daily rate. A half-day fee is charged for up to three hours of interpretation and a whole-day fee after the beginning of the fourth our. Interpretation assignments are usually very demanding and require high mental effort, which is why in most cases, it is necessary to hire not one, but two interpreters. When interpretation services are provided outside the interpreter' s principal place of business, the ordering party shall bear travelling expenses, including overnight accommodation if necessary. The average cost of interpretation in Croatia is between 250,00 and 300.00 HRK per hour.

In case you have a specific query and would like to know the exact cost of a particular translation, please do not hesitate to contact us without any obligation by calling 00385 98 9974 0 17 or e-mailing us at: